5 things you need to know about Sumo Leamington

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Founded in 2019 by industry veterans, Sumo Leamington has always wanted to do things differently.

From its unique working culture to how it brings its large and dispersed team together to celebrate its wins. Here are five things you need to know about Sumo Leamington…

A remote-first studio

Sumo Leamington was founded in 2019 and has predominantly grown through the pandemic. After consulting with its teams, they overwhelmingly voted to continue to work from home and thus – Sumo Leamington’s remote-first life began.

This way of working allows its people to work from anywhere they want and means Sumo Leamington can welcome talent from all over the world. They’re now a global team spread over nine different countries, from the UK to India, to the USA and Italy.

Eager to learn

The whole Sumo Leamington team enjoy a studio-wide learning day on the second Friday of each month. Whether they’re experimenting with new tools, reading books and researching articles, or watching tutorials and talks - everyone learns in different ways, and everyone is trusted to learn in whatever way suits them.

Sumo Group offers its people in all studios five learning days each year, and Sumo Leamington takes it one step further in offering these additional days.

Passionate about diversity

The very first award Sumo Leamington brought home was the GI.Biz Best Places to Work Diversity Winner – not bad, right? This award exemplifies the studios’ core values and commitment to having a positive impact on the games industry.

Experts in free-to-play and service-based games

The Sumo Leamington team was founded by industry veterans – Harinder Sangha and Chris Southall – who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in service-based games. Sumo Leamington’s vision is to make games which players can’t wait to come back to, with all new content to enjoy.

Sumo Leamington makes you look forward to tomorrow!

The studio lives by its motto: “we make you look forward to tomorrow”.

The team is dedicated to making great games that everyone can get excited about playing, releasing quality content updates that keep its games fresh and exciting and – most importantly – creating a fantastic studio culture with a team who are excited to come to work every day.

If Sumo Leamington sounds like the studio for you, why not check out the opportunities on our Careers Page?