SDC23 – Day Two highlights

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Day two of SDC2023 has ended!

What an amazing experience it’s been – from fantastic talks and showcases by Sumo’s own people to specially invited guest speakers. After our first SDC last year, we knew the importance of continuing to collaborate and share knowledge with one another, and it’s safe to say that this year’s event has proven to be a huge success once again.

Join us as we look back over some of the highlights from the final day of SDC2023.


Plenty of smiles as our people return for day two of our annual internal Learning and Development conference.


Timbre Games’ Kat Neale brought ‘The Curse of Knowledge’ talk to SDC2023, in which she talked about learning about the audience’s experience, preferences and skillset being key to countering the curse, as well as tools and strategies teams can implement immediately to counter during game development.


Auroch Digital Production Director Peter Willington gave a deep dive into ‘How to create an authentic video game’ by looking at how teams make decisions affecting all areas of a product and generating trust in potential customers, and how to demonstrate the value of these activities to a sceptical audience.


One of the Audio discipline talks from day two came from Sumo Sheffield Senior Sound Designer Luke Wilson. In his talk, Luke covered a number of ways in which audio teams can improve accessibility in their games, as well as demonstrating how other teams can achieve this through collaboration with audio.


We were thrilled to have award-winning writer and narrative designer Rhianna Pratchett join us in the Octagon building for our closing keynote ‘Breaking boundaries in narrative – A conversation with Rhianna Pratchett, hosted by Zoe Curnoe’.

Rhianna talked about moving into narrative design from journalism, working on well-known projects such as the Tomb Raider reboot and Overlord series, and what changes she hopes to see in the industry in the future.


And with that, the event has ended, and our people are making their way to the exits. SDC2023 set out to ensure that world-class content and learning across all game development disciplines is accessible to all our people, in one place, at the same time… and it didn’t disappoint!

But wait, there’s more. SDC2023 may be over but the celebrations for Sumo Digital and the wider Sumo Group continue tomorrow as we look forward to SumoFest, our very own music and entertainment event to celebrate 20 years of Sumo making exceptional games.