Sumo Digital Academy vlogs – The 2022 round-up

See all news 8th October 2022 Sumo Academy

The Sumo Digital Academy was founded to help open pathways and encourage more young people from diverse backgrounds to develop employable tech programming skills.

Few can say that they’ve worked on a fully-fledged game development that has been released to the public, but that’s exactly what happened for our first cohorts when they got the chance to work on Zool Redimensioned – while our current cohorts are working on some exciting projects too! 

But what exactly do our apprentices get from the Academy’s programme, and what do they learn as part of the process? 

The Academy students have helped put together a series of short vlogs on their journey so far, looking at how to create and port their own prototype game, manipulating map data and attending our very first Sumo Developer Conference in Sheffield. 

Joined by Dr Jacob Habgood, Director of Education Partnerships for Sumo Group, our apprentices are here to give you an insight into some of the learnings that they’ve taken away from their experience being part of the Sumo Digital Academy, and what future prospects can expect when joining the programme. 

Part one: Introduction to the Apprenticeship

Part two: Learning How to Port our Games

Part three: Creating Our Own Game Prototypes

Part four: Reviewing Our Game Prototypes

Part five: Manipulating Map Data

Part six: Remaking A Classic 80s Game

Part seven: Creating A Game Engine

Part eight: Sumo Developer Conference 2022

Part nine: Working with other departments

Part 10: 3D Maths in Games

Part 11: Game Careers Week

The Sumo Digital Academy - the first in the UK games industry to be recognised by the government and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education – is just one of the many pathways in which Sumo is helping young people break into the industry. In addition, we also work with Ahead Partnership, who specialises in helping youngsters achieve their aspirations, develop valuable employability skills and improve their careers knowledge. 

Are you looking to work in the games industry as a chosen career? Be sure to check out the Sumo Digital Academy website for more information.