Sumo Leamington announces Stampede: Racing Royale

See all news 12th June 2023 Games

Get ready for the wildest racing event in existence! As announced at the PC Gaming Show, Sumo Leamington and publisher Secret Mode are flashing the green light on Stampede: Racing Royale, a 60-player free-to-play battle royale kart racer.

Combining competitive, item-fuelled kart racing with the chaos of a battle royale, Stampede: Racing Royale throws 60 racers onto the same track to find the fastest and most furious drivers across the globe. Join the Herd and outrun your opponents in Stampede Races. Deploy destructive weapons to take out the field in Stampede Battles. Survive the chop across three-round eliminators – only one champion will be crowned! 

Stampede: Racing Royale is designed to grow and evolve around its community, and player feedback from the upcoming Steam Playtests this summer and Early Access later this year will shape its future. Regular seasons, limited-time events, and other live experiences mean there’s always something new for players to discover – and new cosmetic rewards to unlock to ensure your customised kart and racer stands out from the Herd. 

"Racing games have been at the core of Sumo Digital since the company was founded 20 years ago, from Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast to the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing series, and co-development on Forza Horizon 5," says Paul Hollywood, Development Director at Sumo Leamington. "Sumo Leamington is a new studio filled with veterans of racing game development. Our debut title, Stampede: Racing Royale, proudly adds to Sumo Digital’s heritage with an innovative new take on the karting genre." 

Stampede: Racing Royale is coming to PC via Steam Early Access in 2023, with Steam Playtests taking place this Summer. Stampede: Racing Royale is also coming to consoles. More information about the game can be found here.

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